Dengue in Babies and Toddlers

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Dengue is very common in India. We don’t know how many babies and toddlers are affected in India as a whole but in one state, nearly one in five cases of dengue were in babies.

Dengue isn’t common in newborns, but it’s possible for mum who is very ill with dengue to pass it to her baby during delivery.

Symptoms : Dengue in infants and toddlers usually starts with the symptoms of a viral flu-like illness such as:

  1. a raised temperature (fever), which lasts about a week
  2. a low temperature (lower than 96.8 degrees F)


In addition your child may:

  1. i) be irritable and unsettled
  2. ii) very agitated or sleepy

iii) cry much more than usual

  1. iv) have bleeding from his gums or nose or bruising
  2. v) have a skin rash
  3. vi) vomit three or more times each day

Older children may have:

  1. i) a high fever, which may come and go
  2. ii) pain behind the eyes, which is worse when they move their eyes

iii) muscle pain

  1. iv) joint pain
  2. v) a severe headache

Other than rushing immediately to the doctor, in case you spot the above symptoms, no home remedies are to be tried.

You could also try the following to protect your child:

  1. dress your child in long-sleeved clothing and trousers to reduce exposed skin
  2. make your child wear light-coloured clothes (dark colours attract mosquitoes)
  3. use an age-appropriate mosquito repellent
  4. use mosquito nets while sleeping including daytime naps
  5. if you do not already have them, install mosquito meshes on windows
  6. air conditioning also helps keeps mosquitoes at bay

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