Oocyte Freezing

Oocyte literally means egg. Oocyte freezing is a procedure to preserve the eggs.As the age increases the number of eggs that a woman can produce is decreased. The quality of the eggs is also hampered. The quality of the Oocyte decreases once the woman reaches age 35.With her biological clock ticking, egg freezing is very good option for women to preserve the fertility. When she is ready to conceive, she can use her own frozen eggs for IVF/ICSI-ET.

Women may choose to freeze their eggs for many reasons. If a woman is undergoing cancer treatment, the radiation and the chemotherapy may affect her ovaries and kill the existing eggs. In this scenario, by egg freezing she can prevent effects of cancer and conceive later after the treatment. Women might wish to delay to have kids for having a demanding career.If a woman doesn’t want to freeze embryo after an IVF cycle, she can always go for egg freezing.