Oocyte Sharing Programme

In some patients the ovarian function is very much reduced so that they cannot produce eggs themselves (ovarian failure). These patients can achieve pregnancy if the oocytes of another patient are to produce the embryo. The written consent of both the patients (oocyte donor and oocyte recipient) is required for this procedure.

The lofty decrease in both natural fertility and accomplishment after ART with increasing maternal age is all around perceived. Extensive varieties in the formative ability of oocytes gathered are seen amid assisted cycles, and a connection between the organic capability of oocytes recovered and age has been affirmed. Patients who require donated oocytes can profit by egg sharing projects, in which an extent of oocytes gathered from chosen patients matured less than or equal to 35 years experiencing customary assisted reproductive treatment are imparted to a coordinated beneficiary. The conceptive results of the egg supplier and beneficiary can along these lines be contrasted to quantify the significance of oocyte quality.