Sperm Freezing

Semen freezing (commonly called sperm banking) is a process in which sperm cells are preserved. Semen can be used successfully for a long time after freezing them. Sperm can be used in future for many purposes like assisted reproductive technology or they can also be donated.

We ask our patients to produce a fresh sample of semen. It is then checked for sperm count, sperm motility, their shape.  A cryoprotectant (a substance which reduces damage to the biological cells after freezing) is added to the sperms and stored in vials. These vials are then frozen to -196ocin liquid nitrogen tanks.

All the biological and biochemical processes are stopped at such a low temperature.  Sperms are normally stored for a maximum of 10 years in the sperm bank.

Whenever the patient and his partner want to conceive, the sperms can be used to perform artificial reproductive techniques like IUI, IVF, and ICSI treatment.