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A normal delivery is a completely natural delivery of a baby by the mother without any medical intervention. Nowadays to alleviate the pain and speed up the delivery process medications might be used. During normal/vaginal delivery the primary focus is on how and in which position will the mother be comfortable delivering the baby.


A cesarean delivery — also known as a C-section or cesarean section — is the surgical delivery of a baby. It involves one incision in the mother’s abdomen and another in the uterus. It’s a common procedure that’s used to deliver babies. Cesarean deliveries are generally avoided before 39 weeks of pregnancy so the child has proper time to develop in the womb.


Labour pain is rated as severe by most women who do not receive pain relief. With advent of modern medicine and availability of techniques with skilled practioners, it is now possible to alleviate the pain of labour and speed up the delivery process. Receiving pain relief in labour is not a pre-requisite for delivery! It is dependent on your tolerance level and the choice you want to make.